The mission at CRL Audio Solutions is to provide our customers with the information they require in order to achieve the most enjoyable audio experience possible.  This does not always mean the most expensive equipment, nor most complicated set ups; what we strive for is to develop an understanding with our clients as to what they truly want to get out of their audio experience in order to guide them towards that goal.

With all the information and misinformation available today, it’s very hard to sort fact from fiction.  With 12+ years of experience in audio and a licensed P.Eng on staff, we are able to provide experienced, technical, and objective answers to your questions.

Furthermore, with our experience, and aided by advanced measurement technology, we are also able to provide advanced optimization and installation in order to ensure our clients get the ultimate benefit: to Get The Most From Your Investment.
Contact us now to learn how we can create a unique package to suit your needs.  From installation, commissioning and optimization of your existing equipment, or consultations on what equipment best suit your needs and budget, we can find a solution that works best for you and optimizes your investment.