Subwoofer Integration in a 2 Channel System

We have written before about the benefits of using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) as part of your total room correction solution.  In this article we look at a specific application and the benefits that DSP provided. For background on why we need DSP, check out Why we need room correction and for information on the different DSP solutions, … More Subwoofer Integration in a 2 Channel System

Why Go Dual?

Two subs are better than one! At least that’s what a sub-woofer manufacturer wants you to believe; what better way to instantly double their profits. The thing is, they’re right. Two subs really are better than one, and we’ll explain why. … More Why Go Dual?

DSP Solutions

With the ever increasing power and decreasing cost of electronic components we have recently entered into world where practical DSP (digital signal processing) is now possible for the average consumer. There exist a multitude of solutions available to integrate into your 2 channel or multi-channel home theater system to greatly help certain audio issues. … More DSP Solutions

Great Budget 5.1 Systems

Home theater doesn’t have to mean high price. There are many people who will tell you that you need to have huge monster sized full range speakers, a full Dolby Atmos 7.2.2 system, and separate high power amps in order to have anything respectable. Where we firmly believe that any well designed components can sound fantastic with proper care of placement, installation, and the right mix of features. … More Great Budget 5.1 Systems

Receiver Listening Modes: Explained

There is much confusion surrounding the multitude of listening modes found on a modern home theater receiver, pre-amp or integrated amplifier: Stereo, PLII:Movie, THX Cinema, DTS-MAHD; which one is the right one?  Does the “right” one change depending on what you’re watching?  Below we explain the various listening modes, what they do, and what they’re designed for. … More Receiver Listening Modes: Explained