Hi-Fi Audio

The highest expression of sonic purity


What is Hi-Fi Audio?

Systems that can properly convey the true realism of the recording with full dynamics can be considered a Hi-Fidelity system.  There are many sound reproduction systems available, but unless they can convey spaciousness and location, full dynamic range, linearity from 20hz to 20khz, and minimal distortion, they’re not true Hi-Fi systems.

We can help you design, set up, and calibrate your true Hi-Fi system.  By understanding the room layout and requirements of your system we will design the perfect two channel system for your space.  We will help you pick out and set up your source components, combine them with the perfect set of speakers, and hook them all up with the required transmission cables.  After the design phase we will measure your space acoustically and help select and position acoustic treatments, architectural features and digitally EQ your system.

2 channel