Acoustic Measurements

When setting up loudspeakers in a real environment there are always going to be peaks and nulls in the listening environment due to constructive and destructive interference.  Using good placement rules will provide a good baseline for your system, but to move to the next level you will need to turn to acoustic measurements to find out what’s really going on behind the scenes.  It’s extremely difficult to rely on your ears alone when setting up a system because your ears can quickly become used to acoustic issues.

CRL Audio Solutions uses the latest technology in room acoustic measurements to quickly and accurately measure your listening space.  From those measurements we can provide a through analysis of your listening space and create recommendations for improvements.

Some specific things we can provide:

  • Positioning of loudspeakers in the room
  • Recommendations of acoustic room treatments
  • Before and After measurements of your applied room treatments
  • Subwoofer integration in 2 channel and home theater environments
  • Room Equalization and optimization

Contact us today to set up an in-house appointment.  Or, if you have a measurement file already you can send it to us and we can provide an analysis remotely.


2016-03-20 - turning subwoofer level higher